[US][PC] Boosted | PvP | Quality of Life Modded | Community Oriented | 4X All

Direct Connect:
Discord: cY9rUgh

Boosted is a relaxed PvP server for anyone who wants to play. We are running a few mods to balance and make the game more fun. This server was made so people could play the game and have fun in a relaxed and not-so-grindy environment. We are always open to suggestions, and if you want to chat please join our discord! There, we will hold votes to add/remove mods, make important announcements, and chat about the game! Also, for new players and anyone else, there is a 24hr raid cooldown. This means that after getting raided, you will have a 24hr grace period to rebuild before you can be raided again. Any clans failing to comply with this rule will be banned.


  • Do not raid T1 huts near noob river
  • Use common sense when finding a base spot (do not build in spots that are very hard/impossible to raid)
  • Do not purposefully offend or provoke other players
  • No foundation spamming
  • All players/clans are allowed 2 bases and 1 outpost
  • Do not use exploits or cheats
  • Respect the 24hr raid cooldown
  • Have fun!

We look forward to seeing you there!