[US/PC/PVP] Paragon PVP x10XP x5 Harvest

Paragon PVP server is now open. Region: US East.

Direct Connect:

Server settings:

  • x10 XP Rate
  • x5 Harvest Rate
  • Faster item creation and thrall conversion
  • No mods.
  • No night time.
  • No sandstorms.
  • No gods.
  • Reduced thirst/hunger rate.
  • Increased resource respawn rate.
  • Weekday raid times: 17:00-23:59.
  • Weekend raid times: 10:00-23:59.
  • Clan size limit: 10
  • Player slots: 40 (Will increase as needed)


  • Harassment or hate speech based on race, religion, ■■■, sexual orientation, or nationality will not be tolerated. Trash talk is otherwise acceptable, this is a PVP server after all.
  • Do NOT block off Thrall/Religious NPC spawns, recipe locations, obelisks, recipes, major resources, emotes, biome entrances, or legendary chest spawns/bosses.
  • Do not destroy admin-created maprooms near the obelisks.
  • Clans may have a maximum of 4 vaults. Solo players also max 4 vaults.
  • A clan or solo player may have 1 main base, 2 farm buildings/outposts, and 1 wheel house per major camp (Mounds/Galleon/Volcano/Asagarth/Sepe/Pagoda). Main bases may be any size and farm buildings should be no larger than 10x10 width and 4 walls high.
  • Structures built for the purpose of raiding (i.e. Trebuchet towers/beds) must be removed at the conclusion of the raid.
  • Underwater storage is disallowed unless your base is an underwater base.
  • Foundation/Pillar/etc spam is not allowed. Watchtowers must be connected to the main structure.
  • Raid protection is available upon request for a 24 hour time period after your base has been raided. Include screenshots of the event log and a screenshot of the part of the base that was breached. During this time other players/clans are not permitted to raid you, and you are not allowed to raid other players/clans. This protection is limited to once per 2 weeks.
  • No base wipes. Some foundations must be left intact during a raid to allow the defender to either rebuild or destroy and find another location to build.

Discord (Work in progress) discord.gg/mTCaxCQ