(US) (PS4) 2nd Chance - 2X EXP/ 3X Harvest/ NO THRALL DECAY

Hello there exile, looking for a new server to join? Why not give 2nd Chance a try!!! We are a PVP/PVE server for all skill levels!!!

We have friendly admins that are pretty active and will help out when needed.

The server is 2x EXP/ 3X havesting/ no thrall decay/ 3 hour day cycles

This is a new server that has a strong emphasis on group interaction and socializing. If that’s not your cup of tea that’s fine too as long as you’re having a good time.

There are currently three points of interest that the players have built so far. The “Sun’s Tavern” which is at 8G, a colosseum that is under construction, and a clan hall that has food and drink for all at 5F-5G. More points of interest are soon to be made as well.

To join just look up “2nd Chance” in the server name search bar. (might have to enable invalid server option check box)