US1-PvP - Taking a run underwater

At the Oasis of Nekhet, I jumped into the water to avoid the Kappa for a moment only to find that I could run on the bottom.

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Oh, I had that happen there too. I thought it had something to do with briefly clipping the top of a rock in there as I was swimming over it, starting me into walk mode, but immediately dropping me back to swim depth, before I finished fully entering walk mode, thus making the walk completion happen while in deep water. I’ve meant to go back and replicate but forgot. Do you recall hitting any near surface rocks when this happened?

I recall running for my life and headed to the water to keep from getting killed. The shaleback king was acting like this…

Faora is the Shaleback King and I am the soldiers with rifles.

I burned through 5 or 6 ambrosia, where normally I would not have to take any during that fight.

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