US2 - Tarman fell through the ground

On Friday (01-Feb_2019), I went to Tarman’s Berth and managed to knock out Tarman, but before I could put bindings on him, he fell through the ground and disappeared on me. I also killed a dancer and was able to harvest/loot the body with no problem.

It was just north of the land bridge between Tarman’s Berth and Lookout Point.

Yes, I am actually getting this issue here and there on testlive as well. In Asagarth and in sepermeru. Fortunately for me, I was just knocking out random thralls, not t4 ones.

I plan on going back and trying again.

Is this not just the visual bug? running away and then coming back lets you see them knocked out on the ground?

No. I watched him slip into the ground. I could see his health meter for a few seconds and then he was gone.

I did go back and get him on the second attempt. Unfortunately I was not in the exact same location because I really wanted to catch him.

I will go back an lead him to the exact same spot that he disappeared to see if he slips into the ground again.

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