US3 PVE base is missing

It isn’t a huge deal, but I had a nice little base, right near the volcano oblisk, with a public map. No blocking of the oblisk at all, just close and convenient for everyone. I have been logging in every few days and all my other bases are there, just not this one. Is there a reason this one would vanish? Just too close to oblisk? I certainly should not have had an offline purge, as I have only been logging in for bases, since Real Life has me in a tight grip right now.

Any ideas or advice, so I know better how to keep Map Room bases active and alive for all?

Thanks in advance!

Been using the maproom btw @sirvink , it’s very convenient! :blush:

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I just started rebuilding that location, but a tad further away from the obelisk. Probably have it back up with a map by tomorrow.

Is the map at the ice giants obelisk still there? If not, I can drop one there as well. I have several maps pre-made from when CtA event was running.

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