US3 PVE needs reboot

Chests in Sepameru are not reloading again. Also some NPCs at the Set altar that appear lag stuck in the altar.

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They are sometimes stuck in the altar on live too, if you attack the priest they come out.

I thought you gave up on US3?

Chests/Boxes are doing the same thing on US1. I was able to loot them once after the update and since then zilch.

Well, I did. I just came back into it for some vanilla mod free testing. Yes I could single play it, but well… just wanted to have some ingame chat with others that were testing the patch too. I wonder what is going on with Sep that bugs out the chests on official, when it has never happened on my own server?

I take it back, now my dedicated testlive server has the chest bug.

Closing the chests after looting them initially? If not that will bug them. Though it could certainly use fixing either way.

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i noticed both these issues as well

So yesterday I decided to chop up a few chests and they respawned with loot. Our own answer to a bugged chest until Funcom figures this out.

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