USA/NY server settings suggesions

As the title reads I will be looking in to my own server at the beginning of next month, I would like input on the server settings. What they do how they work as a lot of these to me are confusing, thirst and hunger multipliers make no sense when I don’t know the initial value.

I want to keep avatars in the PvP realm but based off the avatar lifetime I don’t know how that works or how frequently you can summon one as I have yet to do so.

I want to make the purge hardest it can be he and only happen when someone is online the setting for the purge (Allow Building) does it mean you can still build during the purge? Purge meter update intervals 15 means fifteen minutes?

Obviously a lot of this needs better explanation but to whom know can someone and everyone inform me and suggest stuff and a reason to why?

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