Usage for the challenges after battlepass is completed

When the battlepass is completed the challenges have no use untill next battlepass, could there be some use for them between the passes? Like after battlepass completing challenges gives you points which you can cash in for rewards when the next battlepass comes?

You could play it for the next bp.
If you have a challenge for example kill 10 crocs and you kill 9. Then you have this 9 of 10 crocs with the next bp. Maybe they changed it now but from the last to this one I hade some complete challenges from the last one

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Would be great if there was a world pool of points which everyone on the server can add by completing challenges, and when the pointpool is lets say 100000 points it would trigger a world event somewhere on the map for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, they really should serve a purpose, or just make it inactive after completion. I know on Fallout 76, the last few seasons started having bonus rewards after completing the “scoreboard” which goes to 100. Each rank beyond 100 had various consumables, as well as store currency (which I doubt Funcom would do) that you’d unlock. Would be a nice way to get some stuff. Maybe like a rank that gives 1000 hardened brick stack, or 50 potent aloe potions, or something else trivial. Stuff that gives no other advantage other than something beneficial for playing beyond level 60.


The issue I have with Challenges counting to the next battlepass is what do we do when the next one hits? Feels like literally kicking the can down the road. And does it keep rolling? I mean if that’s the case I could have 10 battlepasses done in one chapter. What do I do for the next 9 battlepasses, there’s still challenges?

One thing I’ve suggested is have it as an option to replace decay refresh. Instead of going around and touching bases, you login to the server and complete challenges. Do enough each week and the decay refreshes. This only works for servers using decay obviously.

So that coupled with some sort of other reward would be nice. Maybe some form of gaining resources, or other tangible rewards. Doesn’t have to be crazy, but gives it some purpose. With better packs based on the rarity of the challenge.


One idea to keep the challenges and multipliers useful, even if the Battlepass has long been completed, would be to introduce a repeatable reward #61, which produces a random potion/elixir as a reward and that again and again when the experience of said rank 61 (can be higher than the usual 1000 XP) is reached again.

So nothing big, just a little something for those who keep doing challenges and have completed the Battlepass early.


Fragments of Power, Chest Keys, experience points and many other things come to mind.

Or one could give temporary buffs, such as doubled harvesting rate, a 10% damage bonus or similar effects.


Challenges should give XP to player and followers.

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The problem with in game rewards after completing is the fact you can “cheee” the bp on single player admin. Refreshing bases would be my vite if anythng. That way it is server specific when you do them after 60.

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Any rewards should be applled on the server/character on which you completed the challenge.
Also, the rewards could be resticted to single player and PvE servers, with an option to enable them on private PvP servers.

Some ideas:

  • The “color” of the challenge could say how powerful or broad the reward is, e. g. a damage bonus against Black Hand, against all Humans, against all living things, against anything.
  • The type of challenge (harvesting, killing, visiting, completing) could say what kind of reward you get, e. g. harvest a resource, get a 100% gathering boost for a random kind of resource (e. g. stone, wood, iron, lotus, hide, claws/horns/ivory).
  • The “golden” challenges could give semi-powerful direct rewards such as a fragment of power. Getting a fragment for killing the Kinscourge, for example, isn’t all that powerful, but a nice little incentive to pay the old guy a visit.
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Don’t really care what it is, but something to make the challenges worth cashing in at least. I hit BP 60 a while ago, and I don’t bother turning the challenges in even when I complete them. There’s just no point to it.


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