Use of traps in server 1127 and 1125

I have been playing in Conan Exiles almost since its inception I have endured all their failures, and it turns out that once officially released the game has not yet taken action against cheats.
I understand that they do not put a moderator or an administrator that takes the official servers, but when the players denounce the use of glitchs, constructions where supposedly it could not according to the developers of the game and several traps. At least they should have the decency to look at it and if it is true to punish them and of course eliminate these faults. I think a lack of respect on the part of the FUNCOM company to the players of conan exiles that we want to play in the same conditions and we are ignored allowing a few to do what they want, causing the servers to empty themselves little by little.
I personally on server 1127 have seen built-up bases in the nameless city and in the jungle under water on the docks and even under the ground making it impossible to do anything against those players and while they using infinite health and even duplicating resources.

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