Using a dye should return an empty glass orb

It makes sense for filled glass orbs to dissapear when used as a throwable but it doesnt make any sense for glass orbs to dissapear after used for dyes. They should be returned to inventory once a dye is applied as an empty glass orb. They have small funnels in their image, so clearly our barbarians are not smashing them on their clothes to dye them, right?


This was brought up a long time ago I’m guessing it is low on the to do list.


We do it a lot, we use reality examples to make a point, only in things that we think we would prefer to be different, ignoring the rest that seems to be convenient to us.
I agree with the suggestion as long as it is easy to be done without causing other issues to the game. If it’s the other way around, I don’t need it even if I like it.


Can’t expect too much realism in video games. Otherwise we’d all only get to play until our character dies the first time. Things have to be done for game balance and such. Plus, like @stelagel said, changing this might cause other issues. Too much risk for too little reward. Glass orbs aren’t hard to make.


It’s not really about realism, but a matter of a cosmetic aspect of the game using far more resources in crystal than they really should when the glass orbs being consumed in their use isn’t logical or consistent on one hand, but is primarily an unnecessary waste of an important resource. It would be an optimization of what just seems like an oversight with no apparent effects on any other part of the game. The throwables require their ingredients to be made whether you have orbs or not. I really don’t follow where this sentiment about ‘balance risk’ comes from at all for something so benign.

I didn’t mean risk to balance. I meant risk to messing up the game. Everything they change about the existing game risks causing bugs. I’d rather not risk additional bugs and just farm some crystal caves. It’s really not hard to get crystal.


I assume you can’t fully remove the dyes from the glass containers to reuse them for something else without careful preparation or using the disassembly bench.

They arent reusable so they go into the exiles landfill with a non biodegradable loot bag.


Maybe it is to balance all the viles of aloe potions and others that don’t require crystal.


If you have spare light or dark dye colorant, you can make a lighter/darker version of the dye and get a glass flask that way. I usually end up with quite a few of those from looting corpses…er…I mean just find them lying around…


I think most players wouldn’t care about getting an empty glass flask back from using a dye, especially since you can buy 10 glass flask for 1 silver coin at trader on both Siptah and Exile Lands… Heck I just dump them again if I get any in loot, and I can’t remember the last time I crafted a glass flask :grin:


This game economy needs more ways for spending than ways for economy. I think that some items should be more expensive, this would make resources more valuable. So definitelly the flask shall be one use only. Just imagine that after dye is used the flask is smashed like aloe ones.


You’re entitled to your opinion. I’m not here to debate over what every single person’s preferences would be over benign areas of resource use but a matter of pointing out something that seems entirely like an oversight in an overlooked area of the game rather than a concious decision on their part. Its primarily for Funcoms attention and consideration.

  • you can buy 10 for 1 silver coin. Just bring 100 coins to get 1000 glass orbs and you are set for a while.

edit: @Frillen was faster

Yea, but I just like keeping my gold and silver coins. Gotta have my little treasure. :smiley:

Meh…maybe they are…standing back like two metres and giving it the good old heave ho - maybe they started the whole Jackson Pollock movement…?

I kind of like it that way…an artist needs to have a messy workspace.

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