Using game bugs

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: #1313 PvP
**Region: EC
In square J7, an alliance called “Андрей” built a base under the textures of the game and actively use bugs to pass through textures, thereby upsetting the balance of the game. Every day they attack the bases of other players, penetrating to their base through the textures and realizing that other players will not be able to take revenge on them. And in order to make it impossible to get to them, they built up textures on top of their base with foundation blocks.
In order to prove this, I had to get into the textures myself and take screenshots. For which I sincerely regret and am ready to be punished.
Screenshots of this violation by the “Андрей” alliance are available and ready to provide on demand.

Hello, NePK, and welcome to the forums.

The correct way to report exploiters is described in the official rules:

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