Using mechanics is not always griefing

We tend to over use terms in general. Everything is the greatest or worst. There seems to be a loss of in between, and just is. The new no owner thing (even the bugged bldg ownership display) is an example. Multiple posts have complained that it only helps griefers. But raiding on PVP is not griefing all the time. Especially when there are other options for those that don’t like to riad or be raided (PVE). to clarify

  1. Purposefully shooting or otherwise sabotaging your teammates in an online game.

  2. In online gaming where one repeatedly killing the same individual or individuals over and over again, or camping their corpse to prevent them from retrieving it, or otherwise performing actions in a game to prevent the player from enjoying the game.

  3. In online gaming, someone who takes pleasure in creating grief for an opponent via various “cheap” tactics.

People attacking each other, and not knowing who did what is now part of the game, and if i decide to raid random bases, and jump from clan to clan as my targets, then that is not griefing, that is raiding. I would counter that being able to ID bldgs and who hit you allows me to target 1 individual over and over again (definition 2), instead of me attacking any bldg i don’t own, and not make it personalized.

So don’t throw griefing out just because someone hit your base. Either fight back, rebuild, or go to PVE or private PVP servers.

Hey man you’re not wrong, I’d just want to cut people some slack. Considering patch parity it’s not like we’re the caboose or anything, but you do still need to account for the newness on our console. If you’re hearing “griefing” it’s because you’re ruthless and raiding well. Solos get that a lot.

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