Utility Thralls and drawbridges!

Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest that you create a new type of thrall the is a Utility Thrall. This could be to equip on elevators and drawbridges. They could also assist crafting stations and give better crafting times.

I would also like to suggest that you could blow a Horne that makes a sound to open your drawbridge if you have a Utility thrall equipped on the drawbridge.

What do people think about this idea? and do you guys have more suggestions?

Best regard


sound like you want the game engine to do something it cant lol.

How so? This engine is a Unreal engine. It has been done in other games that run the same engine and i can not imagine that they can not make this happen.

The Horn for opening the drawbridge is pretty much the remote door opener form ark :wink:

I understand that this would take some time to make but i think it good be addition.

Not that your idea is bad in anyway but its not being very innovative which is what everyone wants of FC. There not going to waste man hours and money on a feature we already have that works.

Just pull the chain and be happy haha

The problem is when you want to open the drawbridge form the outside but you don’t want other people to be able to do it.

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