=UWS= Trunkz Jr has Conan Exiles 5 hours ago 🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ PVP 24/7 - Base Raid Weekends Only - Gods Sunday Only - Wiped 5/18/18 (PVP Settings 1XP / 2G)

:satellite: Server Name: United We Stand - PVP 24/7 - Base Raid Weekends Only
:satellite: IP:

  • Community providing a home for gamers since late 2003, our key is to provide honest and fair play for everyone to enjoy.

  • Mature and non Abusive Admin following our UWS rules of no duping, no cheating, no exploits, no abusing power (such as spawning in items for self or others).

  • Easy to make friends, bring your friends/group or if you wish to join our Teamspeak we will give you your own tribe channel, we will PVP but we aren’t hardcore set on wiping or wrecking a group off the server or doing offline raids.

  • We also have Events and Battle Arenas to help people get the blood lust out of their system. Challenge someone on the server to a 1v1 fight and an admin will summon you both to the battle arena to duke it out with it with fists, weapons, or drunk and crazy until one is dead.


  1. Follow our general community rules outlined in this section.

  2. When you are in Teamspeak, follow our general Teamspeak rules outlined on the rules area (click β€˜Rules’ on top of our teamspeak )

  3. You are not allowed to use profanity, racist and vulgar words as part of your in game name. Admin will change your name if you do not comply.

  4. You are not allowed to glitch items, or use any of the game exploits to your advantage. If you find an exploit please report it here

  5. If any player is caught harassing or bullying another player on the server, or outside of the server but in relation to the server will be permanently removed from UWS and banned from any other game servers we hosts.

  6. If there is a disagreement on Teamspeak, please reach out to any of our Admins (currently Trunkz Jr and Chopper(only when needed) are the admins on the server) to resolve the issue. If Trunkz Jr is not available, reach out to any Captains, Game Admins or Community Admins to settle the dispute. Check our roster for staff info.

  7. Stream sniping / Teamspeak stalking or any other method of gaining malicious information is not permitted on the server.


Listed Below is the Server Settings requested by the community. A new vote for the new server settings will be put up for every server wipes.

  • Gathering Rate: 2x
  • XP Rate: 1x
  • Crafting: 1x
  • Tribe Size Limit: 10
  • PVP 24/7
  • Weekend Base Raiding (see Raiding for more info)
  • Avatar / Gods Sunday Only
  • 3 Months Wipe (unless special circumstances calls for server wipe, or voted by all)


  • KOS - This is a PVP server, KOS is allowed. However, please be mindful that we want to keep the server population healthy so killing a fresh spawn is frowned upon

  • Base Raiding starts at Friday 7:00 pm EST and ends on Sunday 9:00 pm EST. Any raiding must be put to halt after that period

  • You are not allowed to Base Wipe a tribe or cause massive destruction, you will destroy only so much that is needed to plunder

  • The Gods can be used for raiding, however, you are not allowed to cause massive destruction, you can use it to open a hole where your tribe can enter. Players please make sure you are protected against the Gods using the Avatar’s defense dome

  • Once a tribe has been raided (only applies to the primary base of the tribe), you will gain a grace period against further raids until the next weekend when Base Raiding is put in effect

  • You MAY NOT KILL PASSIVE THRALLS – you may attack fighters/archers, but passive thralls like Dancers and Crafters should be left alone UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN ARMED AND ARE ATTACKING. Defenders, we suggest that you plan your thrall placement accordingly – do not place them next to chests, forges, or entrances

  • You MAY NOT kill an unconverted thrall while its on the wheel of pain, you may however STEAL a thrall. Players please make sure that you either barricade your wheels of pain or time the completion of the thrall to the time you’re online

  • If you are raiding, we suggest that you record or stream your raid, so that if a report is filed against you, you have your own evidence


  • Empty foundations (whether spammed in an area, single foundations placed randomly, or several foundations together with no progress made on the build) or abandoned buildings may be removed by admins. We will warn you ahead of time before removal.

  • You may not block off caves and common routes of passage; people need to be able to get through passes in the mountains, etc. If the admins feel your build is blocking players from moving freely about the map, we will ask you to reconfigure.


More and more players joining day by day and more tribes being formed.
if you have any questions feel free to message me.
there is also an option if you have meet the criteria to have a channel created for your tribe on Teamspeak.

Really great server so far. Good community too, it’s nice having a PvP server set up with a solid ruleset and active admins.

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thanks Fl1pz im glad your enjoying it

Anybody else getting stuck on the loading screen trying to get into this server? was looking to start here but cant manage to get in. :frowning:

hi DaWolfman there was a slight issues witch has been addressed so you should be able to join now

Yep all should be good with the server now