V1.08 downloading now

FYI, looks like 1.08 just dropped. Restarted after another freeze and it was avail for download. I’m in Asia these days.

Don’t download it the geniuses forgot to update the servers - insert facepalm gif

Since I’m in Asia with a crap connection, been doing single player.

Thrall health is increasing.
Single player server settings persist with game restart.
Warpaints, don’t see how to apply still. Not under right bumper. Not square. Can’t set to radial. Doesn’t move to body.

I was hoping this would fix my hourly hard freezes but instead I got crashs to home screen now and in a shorter interval to boot.

Hi, did you try clicking on it, and then on your Armor slot? , im still downloading so i have to wait to try it :slight_smile:

You might want to erase your game save data and settings, and start fresh, there’s alot of changes, theres gona be alot of conflicting code with old save files :wink:

Umm… every update we’ll need to restart with a new character?!


Yeah. Tried that as well. Hopefully they will confirm it still not working or give a heads up on the how.

i can download it tomorrow. whats the exact size?

It’s about 870MB.

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Downloaded installed still haven’t received the right pre order bonus content.

Are warpaints still not working? I don’t want to reset my character, only to learn they still don’t work. Really don’t want to trash my awesome single player base.

Apparently people are reporting it’s still not working. Didn’t try it myself.

I didn’t play EA, so not sure if it was like this before or not. Looks like thrall health resets to what it was at when broken on a server restart. Then heals up again.

I’ve been having unrecoverable freezes on ps4 that are still an issue on v1.08. When I restarted after this last one, noticed all Thralls were back to about 100 health. But it was increasing. Sucked as I was about to take my nearly healed named fighter out bear hunting to see if it would speed up collection.