Vacation over on 1st august? Will you finally fix the broken npcs?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: eu

So now that July is soon over, will we finally have working npcs after almost a month of having a completely dead game where animals & thralls wont attack? Maybe we finally can have some real protection to our bases as well since thralls wont just stand there anymore staring while players are raiding their base?


hey you never know, they might take august off too , since you know the stress…



It’s pretty obvious what will be in the post since the title explains it all lol.

What is this mandatory vacation thing? Is this Norwegian law or something or just Funcom?

That is undesirable, IMO. I’m a pretty old software developer in the US, actually ancient by industry standards, and I’ve always been able to cash in vacation time instead of use it. I’ve done that in busy years. I’ve also been pulled into projects in worse shape as one of what I would call a fixer. That usually happens when the s–t has hit the fan, and believe me, you don’t want to take vacation at that time. You just come back to an even more hostile and unpleasant environment than you left.

Whatever the reason for their 3 week vacation, whether it be forced or a voluntarally taken, Funcom is meant to be a global company !

How is it that a large company with offices in more than one country ends up with an entire creation team away for 3 weeks whilst, the company’s Flag Ship product is broken and just two months after selling 1.5M copies of the game. Not many companies last with leadership like this.

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I can say that is something I wouldn’t have done given the choice. I mean usually as you approach final release deadline, you lock down changes to major components and features. A team typically then only focuses on code changes that fix bugs. This gives QA the opportunity to focus on only the bugs that are being fixed and tracking the progress without have to re-test components and areas that have already been tested.

But I’m reluctant to judge Funcom too harshly because I would have to be there in the mix seeing what’s going on firsthand and how their system is working and who is doing what.

Yeah, comes down to… company does business on a global scale, company doesn’t take off a month out of the year while it’s customers deal with bugs. We’re talking major stuff like star metal not dropping, not dumb things like T4 thralls looking like retards.


If you read the articles you would see that major companies that do business on a global scale do shut down. And on a global scale, where exactly does star metal in a video game compare to say a component in a medical device? (just using as an example. I don’t actually know what Norway exports)
My point being this, I read another article where the writer stated that he couldn’t get a part to fix a leaking pipe because all of the plumbing stores were closed. That to me seems way more important than star metal, but you just can’t get it when the whole country closes.

This topic is devolving into personal attacks and straying off topic.