Valis the loyal no taking any damage, too high regen

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: [Please enter your server region]

Valis the loyal not taking damage, or if it takes any it immediatly regen to full health

Go to the cave of the gorilla god with a low level thrall, fight valis, he won’t take any damage, and if it takes any it immediatly regen to full health, and it regens health while taking damage.
I thought this cave was for low to middle level…do I need to bring a fully leveled epic-named thrall with end game weapons to gain a mediocre pet only used for farming during early game?
I’m in single player. Thanks for the answer.

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Hey @q9c9p

Since you mention this happened in single player and before we relay the information to the team, do you have any mods installed?


No mods, completely vanilla, singleplayer, not co-op, without battleye.
Ah, and to mention it, it takes a bit more damage if I get closer and i leave a thrall to fight and I stand on the black pillar(beside the gorilla statue) trowing iron arrows and trowing axes at it, the the regen is still super strong, I’ve tried to “cheat” a epic named thrall in, equip medium armor and iron weapons, same result, super regen of health.
Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the level at which we are suppose to attack it? Is it supposed to be low-to-middle level or end-game?