Valkyrian PVE Cluster Server (AOC/EEWA/VALKYRIAN PVE)

Valkyrian PVE Cluster Server (AOC/EEWA/VALKYRIAN PVE)

Looking for a dedicated AOC/EEWA PVE-Server, Events and extra content created to add more flavor to both early and endgame?

You might give us a shot!

Valkyrian Gaming is a community created 3 years ago and besides hosting the server the owner found time to create his own server mod to make Conan more interesting. With a helpful team of admins and thousands of hours experience in the game we are proud to say we builded a friendly environment for our PVE server with a growing player base for the new guy, the gamer that has tons of hours sincked into Conan or the dude that just passed by for an event… Whatever or who ever you are, you’re more then welcome.

The main mods from the server are AOC, EEWA and Valkyrian PVE.
We bring you customized maps, arena bosses, an extra crafting system for weapons, server mod designed dragon pets daily quest and much more plans that we are working on to keep content fresh and up to date!

You’re hyped or interested? Be welcome on our server!

Server IP:

(please log in the first time on Exiled lands server, from there you can travel to the other servers. If you travel for the first time to an other server you will be asked to create a new character, you can just skip this proces and afther that youre character data included inventory ect will be transferd (its only needed the first time).

Valkyrian Cluster servers:

  • Valkyrian-PVE-Lands
  • Valkyrian-PVE-Island
  • Valkyrian-PVE-Market
  • Valkyrian-PVE-Arena [1P]
  • Valkyrian-PVE-Arena [4P]

Server Settings

  • Restarts Daily: at 03:00 AM and 03:00 PM [UTC]
  • Drop on Death: Only Inventory [Not Hotbar/Equipment]
  • XP-Rate: x2.0
  • Harvest-Rate: x2.0
  • Max Level: 300
  • Max Attribute: 100
  • PVP-Active: None [with exception around Outposts]
  • Building-Damage: None
  • Slots: 150 Player
  • SFPS: 90
  • Decay: No Thrall or Building Decay [Cleanup after 30 days inactivity]
  • Server Wipe: None


  • Pipi
  • ExilesExtreme
  • Dudes Delightful Decorations
  • Northern Timber
  • Barbarian Barber
  • Immersive Armor
  • AOC
  • EEWA
  • LBPR
  • Pickup
  • Stacksize Plus
  • Fashionist
  • Hosav’s Custom UI
  • Valkyrian Map Pack
  • Valkyrian PVE Mod Pack
  • Amunets Server Transfer

Discord: QKYh3aVw