Valley of Lost Souls - PVE-PC

Valley of Lost Souls

Exile Lands server located on the West Coast USA. Only a 10 spot server but can upgrade if the need arises. We are not a RP/ERP servers necessarily but we do leave the option available for the players that do what it. It’s a players choice land. High fantasy characters without the roleplaying. We do try to encourage talking and teamwork.

PVE - 2X EP, 5X H, reduced hunger and thirst, Relaxed (most important), English mostly but all are welcome. New players are very welcome. Yeah, we’ll take old players too. Welcome and have fun!!

Mods used:
Improved Quality of Life
Barbarian Barber
Aquilonian Server Mod
Aquilonis Females
Aquilonia Passion Body
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped
High Heels System v3.0.0
Teir 4 Mild increase
Conspirator Armor for Passion Body
RA: Character Creation
RA: Fantast Exention
Barberian Surgeon
Fashionist v4.0.2
WYSIWYG Wheel of Negotation
Better Thralls
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Accessory Wardrobe
ExilesExtreme v1.4.87
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Thrall War Decorations
Land of Rebirth

Direct connect is the easiest way to join us. Try a search, might work.
Address -

Discord is an on going work in progress.
Valley of Lost Souls
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