Vanir Settler armor - skirt invisible now

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [My own server, EU]

[Vanir Settler amor]

I don’t often wear myself the Vanir Settler armor. But i wanted give it to one of my thralls, and was surprised that the skirt was no more showing up. It’s wearable still, but invisible.

So curious to now if others experiment also similar isssue right now.

I’m sure it was correctly displayed still some days ago, so a newer bug, maybe from one of the last patches.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. create or spawn by admin-command a Vanir Settler armor
  2. wear it or give it to one of your thralls
  3. see that the downer part (skirt) is no more showing while equiped
  4. frown, and grab an other armor insteed

I reported this bug in my SP PC PVP and am still not seeing the exceptional or flawless settlers skirt. I haven’t tried the normal skirt yet so that may be broken for me also. I was told that the exceptional and flawless skirts did show up on thralls. Also the DYE button is NOT there for those exceptional / flawless settlers skirts, probably part of the properties bug that we are seeing.

It’s fun, the armor is completely showing up today again.

For the exceptionnal and flawless version, i don’t know, never saw one. And i have different thralls crafting me most other armors, also tried out several thralls by admin-spawn. To mention also that some T4 thralls (from the volcano and so on) are still missing some features and aptitudes it seems.

They may add them later.

I saw this too, but only with Exceptional and Flawless Vanir Settler Breechclout. The normal worked fine.

One cool thing you can do with this bug is hide your helmet. Equipping the bugged leggings will make your helmet invisible until you re-equip it.

Holes in the database management system.

Been waiting on a fix for this for some time, ran into it back in Early Access. It’s not just the skirt, either.

The exceptional headpiece (ear rings) also show as invisible, but will appear if you remove a piece of gear.