Vanish avengers

Hi there ^^
Is anyone know how to stop coming all the time the vanish Avengers please ?
thanks for your help !!!

sorry i mean vanir Avengers

Yes. Finish the winter event quest.

I’ve done the quest on 4 characters now and the only one that’s been bothered by them is my lvl 43 that I’m working on now. 1 guy in Ymir’s Pass when I was trying to talk to that NPC and then 6 of them in the Noble District trying to get to Conan’s Castle.

Never saw them on my 2 lvl 80’s or my lvl 60 I did the quest on.

But yea, it’s just like the evil scroll quest, you just need to finish the quest to get them to stop.

i play in french so may be the name is different
ok i will try to finish quest

Finish or delete Winter Solstice quest is solution.