Vanished structures and items - Bags left on ground

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] [Co-op]
Problem: [Items/Structure vanished]
Region: [USA - local]

This is the second time I’ve had all my crap disappear on local/co-op and it’s beyond frustrating. Details to follow on the 2nd, hopefully to help re-create steps. The 1st I simply deleted character and started over.

I have two small bases, one had 2 structures–so 3 structures in total, not too big.

  • Base one - two structures.
    • Single house, one story, 3x6 - original structure (NO PROBLEMS)
    • Pyramid 8x8 - Built 2nd, ~5 days later
    • Located on island in the south, where the wandering merchant dude is between two massive statues (if it matters) on a center island with a shacklehead nest.
      • Foundations were down (was a shacklehead that spawned inside it sometimes)
  • Base two - One structure (Built Last ~7 days after 2nd, or so)
    • Floor one - Bed and 3 chests, a table, stairs
    • Floor two - 4 chests, Benches: Blacksmith, Carpenter’s, Artisan, Armorsmith, Drying rack, Stairs
    • Floor three - 3 chests, two grinders, cauldron, tanning hide gasmo.
    • Located between Tower of Bats and a mountain edge in a small canyon type thing. Facing the river from tower base, go left crawl up and over and you’ve got a little canyon/pass through–leading to the desert area where a giant scorpion is.

After simply logging back in, what disappeared?

  • 2nd structure built - The entire pyramid and all inside it, gone with just bags left behind. (except 1 box–which disappeared after 1 death)
  • 3rd structure built - 2nd/3rd floors, excluding boxes (for now…) all gone.
    • 1st floor was unscathed ironically, maybe b/c it was just a bed and 3 chests.
    • Two ritual shrines and a wheel of pain, gone (not on foundations though.
  1. None of this was abandoned because I turned abandonment off.
  2. The system, was off, not in rest mode.
  3. No power fluctuations/outages in the house (don’t go there Funcom)
  4. Using the admin panel is BS because that is not how the game was intended to be played.
  5. I shouldn’t have to re-invest the time for stuff I already completed.
  6. It wasn’t attacked, it’s just a local session that my brother and I play on.

If something doesn’t change soon, Funcom is going to have a massive lawsuit on their hands regardless of their terms because you’re selling broken products as a finished product. Only Tesla gets away with this, and you aren’t them. (A joke…obviously.)

  1. Tell me where the package states the PS4 copy is an Alpha/Beta and not a completed product?
  2. Tell me where the terms of service says this full retail copy is loaded with bugs and we’re going to use you as a hamster to fix them
  3. Tell me other games don’t offer demo’s/Beta’s for PS4, FOR THIS EXACT REASON, rather than sell a bug-ridden uncompleted product for full price.
  1. If you think this is a healthy business model, you should quit while you’re behind.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy a Ps4 Pro
  2. Buy Conan
  3. Play Conan
  4. Get screwed, for no apparent reason at all.

I’ve had similar issues and the best they can say is Sorry … we’re looking into it.
You are losing players daily as your game continues to be in a horrible state. To call it a beta is being nice. You released it got our money and are likely working on your next cash grab.

Well considering the 2nd DLC release, they sure as hell aren’t working on bug fixes.

10 fixes.

Thaaaaaanks Funcom!