Vanishing Thrall’s? We’ve Found Them :-)


Some of you may remember a post I put up about a hotspot where you get heat stroke in the highlands. Well, this is also where all our vanishing thralls end up !

We posted a camera at the hotspot, and then tested 3 different locations on the map to knock-out & drag and kill thralls. Those that vanished were clearly seen reappearing at the hotspot, dead. Even loot bags were falling through.

Everything happened at exactly the same time on each screen.

The co-ords of the hotspot are : -148.635, -302.899, -4,460.555

This was repeatable many times:

**Sorry for the poor video, I need to get to bed and it was taking forever to render.
**Many thanks to Pippa, Skinny and Hendril for your help in this task.


That is good to hear that the mystery has been solved though the one question is, why do they end up there in the first place after disappearing as it looks like they are teleporting?

Now that’s just effing weird.


This reminds me of Ark and the Quetzal 0,0 bug. All Queztals would haul ■■■ to 0,0 if you hit them and since they could take very long to knock out, you could find tons of Quetzals there. Just sucked that there were a lot of aggressive dinos under that spot.

This is likely a similar scenario where the thralls, loot bags, etc. are being detected at an invalid location and so they “clamp” it to a default spot. This spot is rather close to 0,0 - so I bet it’s the exact same issue.

This could be a valuable spot on servers, if all the loots that disappear show up there :slight_smile:


Build a little container tower there, and you’ll have a nice li’l plague pit going in no time flat!

What mystery!
Going to check what the team thinks about all of these shenanigans.
Thanks for the video, too!

Yes I agree mate. Seems they haven’t been falling through the floor. Sometimes the thrills which pass through are still alive, at least until they hit the ground.

Wow this is nice, i think i have to build a new Outpost at a certain location. There will be raining loot, literally.

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You’re a good builder mate, I’d love to see a thrall or loot funnel!

Build a platform high enough at that spot and they’ll land safely :slight_smile:

I’m going to try this out in 1p


My guess is the glitch is using the 0, 0 coordinates of the map when proper location has been lost… dead center on the map, or something like that. This is the exact spot where people would mysteriously spawn on login, randomly, back long before launch.


Any feedback regarding this vortex yet?

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Fully agree mate.

This is the position where you spawn after death before your character is placed by the game. In some rare cases I could spot it because the game didn’t make it in time to place my character before loading the screen. Like a common temporal spawn point.

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You know you’ve found the right spot when you see the snap-to position up in the sky:

Pitmonk: I would be curious to see if you have the same snap-to spot on your map. I did not get heatstroke in this spot. I wonder if there is something placed in the sky or under the ground that is already a part of the mesh that is affecting your temperature (campfires, hearths, etc.).

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