Vanishing Wedge Tiles and Pillars that seem to lose their connection to the ground/ceilings

Game mode: [Online | PvE | Official Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Over the last days I have to fight with disappearing Wedge Tiles in my main base.
Those tiles were given stability via Pillars placed on ceilings.
One of those set-ups looked similar to this (just without the Pillar in the middle)

But when I logged in yesterday all I saw was this

Well, ok, there was a Pillar standing there too, but when I destroyed the Wedge Tile it was attached to, the Pillar got destroyed as if he had no connection to the ceiling beneath it, despite that it was previously the case.
The same thing happened to the Pillar on the other side.

When I logged in today and looked at the Event Log I noticed that 2 of my Performer Thralls have died without a specified reason. So I looked around and found this


How it looked previously (just with Dancers positoned there.)

The stability there was again secured by Pillars on the Ceilings, but somehow the Pillars and the Wedge Tiles have disappeared.

Honestly, I’m getting tired of this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

What is the construction like underneath the ceilings the pillars are placed on?
Because if there’s nothing but air under them, then will not get any support.
Sometimes you can still place a wedge or ceiling that has 20 or less stability, but then they collapse upon loading.

I recommend checking the stability of those places with the repair hammer, if they are higher then 20 then they should be fine.
Personally I’ve had to endure quite a bit of nonsensical problems with pillars and supports when the devs had randomly decided to change the support system for the worse a few updates ago.
I had a large 12 sided tower, the wedges in the center all had 20 support, but upon loading my single player game 1 of those center wedges just magically disappeared on each of the floors.

The devs should never have changed the support system after the 1.0 release of the game, they should have done that during the alpha or beta stages of development.

Oh and by the way, some of your pillars are clearly not properly placed on the ceiling tiles beneath them, make sure the pillars are placed at the center of the ceiling/wedge tiles or they won’t function as proper supports.

The whole structure is pretty much like this:
Foundations on the ground and at the sides of the “cliff” between which the base is located -> Pillars -> Ceilings -> Walls and Pillars -> Ceilings + Wedge for the Balcony -> Walls -> Ceilings -> Pillars for the last part with the Horn.
The Wedges do start from “at the top” of Walls.
I built this over a month ago with no tile being below 40 Stability (Ok, some stairs and sloping walls were ranging from 35 to 15 IIRC, but they are still there). It was fine until that last patch hit.

The issue with placing the Pillars in the middle of the ceiling and the buildings upwards is that it would leave me with some ugly space between “balcony” and house

The upper part where the Horn is ranged from 40 to 80 IIRC.

But after your post and some rebuilding I went through it with the Repair Hammer again and now suddenly there were a lot of 20 Stability tiles.
Tried to stabilize with even more Pillars, didn’t work for some.
Then I checked the Ceiling tiles beneath the balcony and suddenly there also was a 20 stability one that wasn’t there before.
Had to build a new Pillar from the ground going up to fix it and now the tiles of the balcony range from 40 to 60 again, despite the Pillars not being centered on the Ceiling tiles.

That still leaves that the Pillars lost contact to the Ceiling they were standing on

Wedges are a buggy mess this time. I used them lot for my buildings a time, they allow so much more thing, round tours, balconies and so on. But i avoid them now since the “fix” that broke in many ways the stability-system.
It’s often also realy hard to snap stairs, walls or whatever on wedges, a thing that wasn’t the case before patching. If you place walls on wedges it’s often hardly or impossible to hang any decoration on the walls (trophies etc.). Also thralls falls easily through them. The vanishing is just an other part of the problem.

Like i said in an other post, they tried fix some hack and exploit problems, and frustrated by the way most builders.