Vanity Dress i never saw around


Hello everyone, recently I saw a dress too beautiful that I had never seen around. Can anyone tell me what it is and where can I find one of them? please please


I saw the same character at Gateway and I tried to ask him/her what dress it was but he/she was afk or otherwise was not interested in answering


i think it’s one of the several marique social clothes.
maybe it was lost with the shop revamp ?


It’s “Tamara’s Sacrificial Dress”, it’s a one-piece chest-slot vanity item that was available in the old item shop and is gone since the shop got reworked. Back in the old days you could buy it for 200 FC points per character (and later unlock it for your whole account when they added that feature)
The gilding token vendors sadly do not sell this dress.


thank you very much, you have been precise and very helpful.
@AndyB do you think it can be add to the social vendor as done for pets? To deny a woman her dress is a mortal sin


Quite cool dress indeed! Luckily I managed to get one for my demo, while it was still available :wink:
But yeah I was surprised that it is missing from gilding vendor.
Please add again ^^


Don’t forget about us men!! Actually… since we wear dress and skirts in game also I’m sure that would look hot on me!


Yeah I have always been miffed about not being able to wear the Atlantian Queen’s dress on my male chars #Maletoo


You’re getting old, my friend. I was also using it on my demo. Did you forget? :grin:


you’re the third person who says it to me in a short time, it must be true :thinking:


I’m sure it would be lovely on you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hahaha poor, old dear Zuji.
@AndyB any news or hope about to see again in game this dress? Please, please :star_struck:


I saw this same character just a few days ago, same place as shown on tyris’ screenshot. Maybe lives there? :smile:

While waiting for this dress to be available again I want to show you how it looks on my demo and what accessoires I’ve chosen for it :sunglasses:


Since it seems that this thread turned into a beauty contest, here’s my newb pom… :smile: