Vanity Dress i never saw around

A renown level is required but I don’t know which one it was though it was one of the lower renown levels, somewhere in rank 1 - 5 I guess.
You can click through the renown levels in guild window, at some level it says that new NPCs arrive in the city who sell special dresses. You can also ask someone to let you into the guild city so you can talk to the NPC and buy the cloak.

Hm, I’m not sure if npc talk to people that are not in the guild. But I can check what level is required and update my post later.

They do, in Aquilonia there is one guild city spot that you can actually jump in without opening the gate, you can go to the NPC (if the city in this instance got a trade post and the renown level) and talk and buy. The vendor NPCs however do not work.
I did this myself already because I don’t have a guild but I still wanted some of the items the NPCs sell.

Question. How do you post the picture from the login screen without the character list? I tried turning off the HUD, but every time my character list is there. Thanks for any help!

These screenshots are edited I think, in the posts the character list part was just cut out (with paint or anything else).

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Ah, ok I can edit that out, thanks!