Vanity for cache or u want to see in general in SWL (Try to keep it SFW)


Please post Vanity u think that would be possible Cache material or u wanne see in General in SWL

Keep it SFW!!


I’d like some proper Ballet outfits. Like, I know we got the some jumpsuits, which kiiiinda count? But I’m talking true gorgeous, elegant outfits.
And I’m not just talking tutus and ballerina shoes. (Though I want those too.)

Maybe with a proper dance emote?


Posting for a friend (who would love to see a “sidecar” drop from a cache )


this not Vanity…
But ok, I respect your tenacity :wink:


I’d love to see more raver/cyber goth clothing, some more leather, pleather, vinyl, and latex clothing (form fitting and loose but not NSFW level)


please find some pics and post them so we all can see what u mean




I would offer images but i am still unable to upload images or links.


New bike:



that would be awsome with a 1920 based cache theme


bare chest for female avatars. I DEMAND EQUALITY!


I understand your wish, cus in CONAN it is possible but not in SWL.

It would ruin the atmosphere of the game, I dont want to see bare chest Girls lined up in Agartha dancing with shoes of syncro.

See post Vanity pics u consider worthy as Cache Drops or that u wanne see in General in SWL.

nearly nude for female will not happen in here
you Need another game :grinning:


I dunno… I’m still pushin’ for jockstraps. :innocent:


without bare butt imagineable.

I guess we will never see any nice undergarment in this game^^