Variable calculator

A code that detects active players for all modes. No matter which game mode is played the code will detect the a active number of players and adjust the bosses difficulties so single player is possible and a server with one player would match. More players has a higher difficulty. Sadly a solo player will feel strain on a server of 20 active players when fighting bosses but overall it would help apply a balancing system for bosses and any planned event bosses.

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Boss difficulty scaling is distracting and feels too contrived. One of the reasons I stopped playing skyrim. If a boss is too hard to kill solo, make friends. Bring warrior/archer Thralls.

It’s just an application to adjust for a balance between game modes. Not something to weaken the bosses outright just make it challenging enough that players can’t say it’s easy or too hard. Especially with Christmas coming up and the suggestion of huge world bosses spawning it could even it out for single player mode players and the few private servers with small amounts of people on them.

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