Variety of entertainers

Things i would like to see in Conan… A slot on the stage for a entertainer, ie juggler, musician, jester, and dancer these thralls would be just like a crafter the player places them on the stage like a crafting thrall and they have no fighting ability. A slot for a bartender at the bar. additionally a water trough that a clothes washer could be placed a loom where a weaver could be placed. Basically thralls that make the players keep seem more alive. I would also like to see a builders table so construction could be done at that work station.


private server and pippi mod your welcome its a good mod should try it out

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Not everyone is on PC


@TreyRex92 my wife and I would pay for a dlc that would allow us the use of your suggestion. I know others have mentioned something similar but console owners could stand to have some QOL changes for us day one player’s who are getting bored.

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Couldnt agree more. I think sometimes Funcom forgets that console players arent getting the same experience. Which is normal to some degree of course. But there are plenty of QoL additions we need asap

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