Various bugs after the latest patch:

Various items are causing a null reference with in the game, as well as actions concerning the thralls and wheels of pain.
One of the items is the spiced tea. There are several more, which are calling out null references and stacking up errors. This is causing players to disconnect randomly, crash, or even the server to crash. Several npc’s, relic hunters, wolves, etc. Are causing null reference errors upon death. Your skeletal mesh component is causing null reference errors. fun combat player controller c17 is causing a null reference error.

I honestly don’t know what you guys were attempting to do in your last update, but you sure broke a hell of a lot in your game.

Moving to correct forum.

Hey @janarah

Are you using any mods in your game?

Im losing thralls, they just die for no reason, my kisthis the flestearer from the vulcano lives, 1 day and after he ‘died while following me’ Not in combat or anything, just chillin at base and he colapsed, 3rd i lose in a few day’s… Cant feed them or whatever, losing silent legions sets and telliths sorrow swords everytime one dies.

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