Various Bugs/Crashes

I have been having some serious issues since the Age of War update dropped. Various enemies can’t be seen, and I get attacked by something that is just floating eyes. I keep getting crashes that happens often, and in the most inconvenient times/places and end up having to start a dungeon from the beginning, or just starting the game back up, and surrounded by enemies. I’m also losing Treasure every time I log-in. None of the placeable treasures are being counted until I pick it up, and put it back down, and some of them just completely vanish when I put it back into my inventory, and it doesn’t show up in it. I’ve lost several Treasures that way. Golden Braziers, Jade Warhorns, Guilded Amphoras, etc… It’s breaking the game and making me lose interest in wanting to play if it continues to crash, “eat” my Treasure, and getting hit by enemies I can’t see…

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