Vathis, the Hierophant slave in chests

Hello guys!

One question: Can the Vathis the Hierophant thrall, contained in chests, no longer be placed on the floor?

Don’t think so. Vathis stopped be a capturable NPC a couple years ago.

Oh Wow, Is it the Male or very, very rare Female version?

You could see if it is possible and which version of Vathis by putting Vathis in your hot bar and going as far as seeing if he/she appears in front of you when you click on him/her. Just be careful not to place them. I would keep them safe and in a box somewhere, Vathis is like that rarest of hotwheels or some sort of collectors item. Even the male version is a rarity at this point. But Vathis was place able after an update made him/her non capturable.

I had a female Vathis and foolishly placed her, she was the the follower with the highest hit point pool I have ever had in relative terms. Then I didn’t get a chance to play for a while and stupidly failed to doublecheck the decay and hunger settings after a major update…need I say more.


Thank you Multigun!

I’m playing on a PVe server, and on this server I built a kind of museum, where I captured a sample of each warrior / archer thrall in the game. Now I’ve been looking for “blocked” thralls for capture. In the last few days I received some samples from an old player: Bandit Leader, Kidnapper and Vathis. Both the Bandit Leader and the Kidnapper were put to the ground without any problems. However, Vathis was instantly eliminated by the game (death animation - blood, torn body, etc.). So before I lost my last Vathis sample, I decided to search the forum for answers.

Would anyone know to point me out for sure, whether or not Vathis can be put on the floor?

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Fast, the version that was eliminated by the game :frowning: was male.

I’m pretty sure this is intended. It’s been way too long for me to dig around and find the old patch notes. Like, it was in 2018, maybe early 2019, it’s been a while.


For some reason I thought that they got rid of the female version. Or maybe it was the female version that was the rare capture, when it was possible. It was a long time ago.

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It looks like this patch! I’ll look more calmly later.

female version was fixed for sometime, Last time I placed one of “her” She turned into a man. I tossed the rest away after that…

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I’m just confused by this “Previously tamed or knocked out Vathis’ continue to function as Thralls as of the current build.” snippet on the wiki

Well, we know that he isn’t available anymore and that since 2/3/2019 hasn’t been spawned as a female. I would not be comfortable placing Vathis, especially if it is a female. Maybe just keep him/her MIB (mint in box)? Dunno. I would be very upset if I had a female Vathis and went to place her and she got an immediate gender change and even more upset if he/she died on the spot. I’d be interested in what you decide to do.

vathis cannot be placed on floor
even though it can be placed in ur quick bar and select him and try to place him/her, when u place him he insta dies
so do not place him/her.
yes it is possible to have him in the chest, i have my last one placed inside a chest

I think it’s best to keep it safe. Maybe in the future something will change.
Thank you guys! :vulcan_salute:

So it is the female Vathis, very nice and quite rare. Keep her MIB. She looked awesome in the Epic Medium Aquilonian DLC armor.

Don’t have a Vathis but I still have two Captains in a chest

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Yes, I’ll save it. Thanks for the clarification.