Vathis the Hierophant

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Is there a reason why i can’t find Vathis the Hierophant at the volcano, are there more people with the same problem or is it just me having no luck at all?

I have been at his/her spawn location a couple of times but without any luck. So any help would be welcome.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to volcano
  2. Don’t find him/her
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I don’t believe PS4 has that thrall yet. However, Spinas the Marauder and Daicas the Sharp both spawn in the volcano on occasion, and are the toughest fighters available with 3075 HP.


Hey @BradMunkey,

You’re right - see Spinas the Marauder on the Official Wiki.

Now, for Vathis the Hierophant, I would think he/she is completely Not Implemented - However, I just looked 'm up and found out that there’s people finding 'm somehow… so… weirdly enough we do not have a wiki page! :wink:

How’d you find their name, just so I know? It doesn’t appear in any of the notes, does it?

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Here ya go: Vathis the Hierophant.

I’ll see if anyone knows a little more.

It´s first after the “500” patch. Then its a 100% spawn.

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I have been up and down the volcano a couple of times, but no named thralls. Guess i just have too keep looking.

There is supposed to be no difference between ps4 and pc right now in terms of thrall spawns (they’ll be brought to pc standards eventually if that’s not the case)

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