Vault decayed but cannot be demolished

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash | Bug
Region: North America

[Server 1808

Discovered a vault that was decayed. Decay timer was 0:00 but it could not be demolished.

thats guy is lucky i get on everyday and when i logged on i watched 3 of my vaults decay infront of me and my other 4 not on foundations also decayed funcom messed me up bad on server 1586 i had so much in my vaults

well this vault that decayed but did not disappear was attached to a wall. usually things decay fast if not on foundations. I don’t know how the decay timer resets for vaults. Buildings have to be entered every few days to reset their decy timers. Try checking it with a repair hammer. The vault I found was not mine but the decay timer said 0:00

The vaults decayed and despawned in less then 12 hours after I used them even though they have been their for a few days