Vault of Time (world building)

This is not a building players can build but, instead, a building that is part of every maps (maybe a ruin of the giant kings or whatever…)

It’s located near the starting location of each map (desert for the Exile Lands) and, basically, can be used by everyone. Each player can store up to … don’t know, 20 items ?

This items are bound to the account (not character) so, even if the character get wiped due to inactivity, when the player restart he just have to go to this vault and, by interacting with it, he can access the inventory.

A character can only access his player’s inventory (the vault has 1 inventory for each player) and can’t access other player’s ones. Also, no one can build in the area around it.

Yes, it can be exploited in PVP as indestructible vault, that can’t be raided, but considering that everyone knows where it’s located, it’s not that advised to use it this way. Also, it’s position is not that good, being far from most locations for advanced players.

Basically, it’s meant to be just a little help for returning players (mostly PVE) so that they don’t have to start over from zero, but can use what they left in the vault.

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Some games have similar “legacy” features that let you give something the old characters had to a new one… but wouldn’t that defeat the point of what is supposed to be a survival game?

Veteran players already have the knowledge to skip many of the game’s steps if they so choose.

Well, if they so choose, it means they WANT to skip these steps.
Also, well, there are a lot of players willingly to help in PVE servers: this building is just to “do it yourself”.

I’m a little confused, if it’s just meant to help a returning player, then why wouldn’t the player have stored (up to 200) items on their toon prior to their hiatus?

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Because they know that they could get bored of the game, from time to time, and store items (20, not 200) in preparation for a possible wipe of their toon.

I would.

pvp players already do it with alt accounts.
We have more than one account… some have 3 accounts, others have 10 or even 15+ acc.
so we use body vault to store items.

Pve on this game is pretty easy. in 5 days you can have all the content the game provide and build a large castle or even a city alone, imagine if you are with a clan.

Besides this, there are hackers that can steal your stuffs inside the containers without breaking it.
Imagine if they find a way to steal stuff from this vault. lol

It would not be possible to steal stuff from the Vault, because when you interact with it, you only see YOUR stuff.

It would require a HUGE level of hacking to access other guys vault, and you should know details of their account that are not immediately visible (it depends on how the devs code this stuff).

Also, considering that hackers already steal from containers, stealing by this vault is really the biggest problem, here ?

of course this is not the biggest problem hahahaah
you are talking about something instanced.
i don’t know if the game needs it, private servers can easily make a mod for this function.

Well, this would be a feature for Official Servers of course …
I don’t consider Private ones when I make proposals like this, cause in Private you can always create/use a mod.