Vault Runs Set To Per Instance

I would like to see the vault runs be set to a per instance or rather set them to allow a player to only run each vault once per day. This would stop vault campers (which we have on our server) and also just maybe fix the issue of empty Boss chests at the end. Also this may help clear up or stop vault crashers or gankers. We have a clan on my server that loves to run in shortly after you and speed run to the end and gank your boss kill and loot.


Yikes, you have vault campers on your server? That’s something that can only be described with colorful words.

Unfortunately, per Funcom’s own words, they don’t have instancing tech.

Hell no! The eldarium requirements for Siptah are already ridiculously grindy, and now we wanna limit the eldarium we can get from a vault to once a day?!

I’m guessing this is happening either on a PVE server, or on a PVE-C server outside PVP hours. And that’s actually a big problem.

Perhaps the best solution would be to change the way vaults get locked depending on whether PVP (i.e. player-on-player damage) is active or not. When it’s active, the vault gets locked the same way as it does now – when the boss is dead and the final chamber is opened. When it’s inactive, the vault gets locked as soon as you step on the first pressure plate. Problem solved.


That would work ok if you died and respawned in the vault, if you spawned outside it might cause issues

Just make all doors like the boss, you have to defeat all enemies to trigger the button to open the doors. This way, poachers can only get as far as you have gotten.


This ^^

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I play on an active servers and big clans have them on farm. It’s very hard to find an unlocked or free vault. On top of that, there is a 90 minute cooldown after the boss is cleared.

If instancing isn’t possible, that cooldown needs to go away, and maybe lock down only the player that just did it.

That’s how it works, isn’t it? At least, that’s how it’s consistently worked for me so far.

Apparently lol. I only died in a vault once early on falling to my death from a cage and I musn’t have seen the option but I just asked hubby and he said there is an option to spawn in vault. So yeah I guess that would work.

Unless you get griefers who jump in the vault step on the plate and go afk locking the dungeons to everyone else.

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