Vault Trophy Recipes are hard to find

Am I the only one who hates searching every inch of the floor looking for those recipes amid all the other rubble scattered everywhere? The statue recipes are tricky enough to find since they blend in so well with the rest of the vault, but at least they have a little more size to them. The lighting on Siptah is bad imho, and inside the vaults is worse. Maybe make them a little less annoying to find? Or am I just half blind and complaining about something everyone else thinks is easy?

Use a torch inside the vault when you’re not fighting its denizens. It really improves the lightning of the place.

I do, well a glow stick from Dregs. Definitely helps, but it still seems dark to me. Some of the trophy recipes aren’t quite as difficult to spot, like the big pink claw. But others just don’t stand out too much.

I understand I’ve bad eyes and the poor lightning in Siptah is often a problem for me. Usually in vaults if a torch isn’t enough I go to the video settings and raise the gamma. The problem is I must lower it as soon as I’m out the vault otherwise it’s too bright.
On the EL the dungeons are badly lighted too but a torch is enough to see. I’ve never had to raise the gamma setting.

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