Vaults attract unwanted guests

The designers spent a lot of time to create mobs, chests and bosses in the vaults. As a casual player I start to clean the mobs one by one to reach the boss and get the chest. I play the vault as intended.

In reality when I made a great progress in the vault, somebody just enter, run to the boss kill it with his beefy pet and get the end chest. Despite I spent my time to get the reward, somebody gets it instead of me. It happened with me at least 10 times.

This not only ruin the game, but repel to do a vault.


That map is based on PVP
So first info - u playing on pve or pvp or pve-c
In pvp its need to be like that what u said its normal

In PVE tho its natural griefing and idiotism, that some morons use to abuse others, just like thrall stealing in surge, they use basically PVP in pve, and worst is that u cant even protect urself by killing them PVe is like heaven to griefers and pvp morons…

There is some ways to reduce griefing like that but it is asking for more coding in game like

On PVE only vault doors closes after first pressure place is pressed ( then nobody can enter vault ) not like now - closes after boss is killed

Surge for example should be taken of from map, that nobody can actual see when and where it happens

Convergence traps u see are are now problem because u can destroy other traps even they not online just by luring storm mobs on them - also fixable by removing trap location on public map ( PVE only)

I have some idiotical clan in game pve, i kknow what u talk about… but to fix that it is too much to doo…

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