Vaults despawned in front of me

hello i have over 2k hours on Conan since early access i was playing on server 1586. the server has been getting wiped hard from a clan but i am not complaining about a clan playing the game i am complaining about the fact after i picked to hide 6 vaults around the map i get on to see 2 despawn right in front of me and noticed 4 more have also went bye bye. i had over 60 thralls 25 of them t4 with 6 archs and 20k hardend bricks and other mats of that level. the only vault left standing is my decoy empty vault they all where not on foundations but the one left standing is the one with nothing in it what kinda poo is this. my clan has now quit the game and i feel like i spent over 2k hours learning this game for nothing.

If you are on a sever with an active decay system, anything not on foundations is fair game. I’ve lost wheels of pain in under 24 hours before due to decay system shenanigans. That why I try to keep it off on my server. I’m annoyed because any time I edit the config, it keeps turning back on. Lost whole bases today because of it. >_<