Vehement roleplay (erpvp 18+)

Vehement Roleplay (18+:hearts:)
The Experience
Exiled Lands and Isles of Siptah Servers.
Same Modlist for easy transition!

︱• High Fantasy
︱• Consent-based
︱• Player driven story
︱• PvP enabled
︱• Level 300 / EEWA
︱• Roleplay hub
︱• Quests and Optional Lv40/Kits
︱• Lewds
︱• Patreon Rewards


Featuring: iQoL, SS, SvS, Slavermod, Thrall wars, Age of Calamitous, Exiles Extreme, Immersive armors, High heels system and more!


The community is the heart of Vehement and is supported by a dedicated Moderation team. Vehement is committed to a community first mindset and a fun enviorment for everybody. We hope to expand our Roleplay community beyond just Conan Exiles! We are excited to announce our upcoming 2nd Server to host ‘Isles of Siptah’ next month! We are devoted to fairness and have detailed written and transparent rules should the need for help ever arise!

Server Invite

Steam Direct Connect: steam://connect/

We’d be happy to have you! Create a Character-Sheet and complete our introductory quest ingame and we’ll see you soon!