Venom - please review your testing procedure

I appreciate the things you have been adding to the game. And these things are free, except for FunCom. Effort went into the new Unnamed City. New monsters, new recipes, new weapons. And if I apply poison to the new weapons they lose their special thing - they become ruined.

You’re moving away from sticks with stats to funky proc stuff. This may be fun if done properly, but testing becomes more of a hassle.

Wait, are you saying that when you apply reaper poison on the venom-infused weapons, they lose their innate venom?

Yes, Reaper poison replaces the innate poison.

Thanks for the report!
It’s being addressed :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, why would you do this? You don’t create a second stack of poison and it only stacks to 10. You can get a full stack really fast using the daggers, for instance.

Back then I just had to try :slight_smile:.

But now … there is yet another thing. Poison of multiple sources appears to stack for damage. If you put a poison weapon on your follower a tough monster ends up with 2 x 10 poison counters. It melts away before your eyes. You want to get to 2 x 10 poison fast because of the absurd scaling.

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