Verfallssystem help

So I logged in today to see that a bunch of my structures were destroyed by something called verfallsystem. What is this because this allowed people easy access to raid my base and I would like to know what was the root cause any help would be appreciated thanks

I think that may be a person, i Googled it and it says its an Xbox user name,?

verfallssystem means decay system in german, are you playin in german language ?
its possible that a player named himself like that, have seen some with names like hyborian archer III to confuse ppl

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I think it’s german for “ruin” “system” which means your structures were destroyed by the servers Decay system, I’m guessing here

of course it’s the decay system,
player have their name like this


verfallsystem is server not player

When i Googled it , it says this " User name "exists on Conan Exile server , an Official server, if its written in German, you think the person that started the post would know what it meant, if they could read German that is , it would be hard to play this game in a language you can’t read :slight_smile:

Some localisations aren’t full, in Russian it also calls like this. Players always have “Player_” prefix before their nickname

the op wasnt clear, so it was just my guess, but funny thing that its the same like in german, learned something today :smiley:

It is german, i guess some parts of game named on server-side, every time i die from falling some ‘Sturz’ guy kills me :slight_smile:

ahhh ok :smiley: so more a lost in translation thing. yeah Sturz means fall in german