Very anoying glitch i found on singleplayer

So i was climbing the tower of bats and i killed the albino bat and everything and then i fell off the tower and died and ever since then the entire camp next to my base called the den is missing all of the npcs and a few items so no more taming thralls, also ever since i died theres no more gravestones so my loot just instantly pops into a bag which is anoying because it decays much faster and makes it hard to find my loot and on top of that my black rino dissapeared when i fell and died

If you base is too close to npc spawn points it will automatically despawn the area so delete your base and move farther away

My base is next to the camp but skip forward im lvl 55 now and everything in the camp is back… idk wth happen but i guess it fixed itself

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