Very basic question for a new player

only have an hour’s play time so far. looks like fun but I’m getting frustrated.

I can see the knowledge tab, but can’t figure out how to unlock the masonary tab so I can build a shelter. I have ‘points’ and have leveled up a bit. but the little ‘unlock’ tab on the lower right corner is grayed out and when I click on the masonary button, it shows what I will be able to build with it… but I can’t unlock it and nothing shows up in my inventory section where it shows what I can build in inventory.

This has stopped me cold in my play until I can figure this out. this is just so basic that none of the youtube vids show how to do this, please help… in really simple terms because obviously I am clueless.



In your inventory on the right hand side, you will see you can craft some basic things. You need to craft building hammer and equip it into your hot bar.

Once you equip the hammer you right click it and it will pull up all of your unlocked building recipes.


so easy once you know how and I’m so surprised that none of the youtube videos for basic starts mentioned that.

And that leads me to the next step… I’ve laid my sandstone foundation but how do I bring up the other objects I can make like walls and doors etc. I just know it is easy but I tried a bunch of things and I can’t bring up a list of things to chose from.

Thanks in advance

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This tutorial should help you.


That is awesome. I sure wish I had found that video when I was searching. Thank you so much.

Have a fun day and don’t forget to smile. Your kindness and willingness to take the time to help is muchly appreciated.


Oh you are so mine exile, so mine. Keep visiting, keep asking, we need positive members, smiling members, you are so mine :grin:.
Welcome my friend :+1:t6:.
Same goes to @Jewboo91, Welcome!

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