Veteran/Wing of Jhebbal Sag spawn unarmed, drop multiple locust spawns

The 1-skull elites in T4 Jhebbal Sag surges, Wing of Jhebbal Sag (archer) and Veteran of Jhebbal Sag (fighter) spawn with no weapons and thus only attack with their fists.

When they die, they always have at least 1 and sometimes as many as 3 Locust Spawns.

Thats not on testlive… but in open officials… also u better be happy they attack with fist, 2 of them killed me with only fists … imagine if they had weapons…

That’s on both Live and Testlive. And they absolutely should be armed - especially the “archers”. T4 Jhebbal Sag thralls - to include purge T4s - are normally armed. Wings and Veterans should be no different than e.g. Skalds and Veterans in Aesir surges, etc.

If the devs want JS elites to be unique, give the veterans claw weapons. That’s something no other NPCs use, and there’s no thralls who it could be more appropriate for…

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback, we’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.

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