Veteran's Tokens

Funcom, can you look into perhaps reinstating the Veteran’s Token program for the benefit of the new players turning up and subscribing, along with the re-subscriber game supporting players? It is not much, but definitely a liked program of the subscribing players - Arcayne


I’ve only been back a month after taking nearly six years off. I’m surprised they would end this widely loved program. I was thinking about going with a yearly sub just to get the tokens but now that I know they stopped the program I don’t see the benefit. This was literally the only MMO I have paid more than one month in advance before.

I happen to be an alt-oh-holic by nature, which also translates to me bouncing from game to game. So why ever pay longer than a month without some “HUGE” incentive to do so? Even when dropping the price to $7.99 if I’m only gong to play a month or two at max, it’s still a huge waste of money for me.

They need to reinstate it because they have vendors that require these tokens and people can’t get them anymore. Is anyone really surprised though it is Funcom. They should change their name to Incom -petence :sunglasses:


I still have loads of those veteran tokens and use them now and then to fast level some faction. Pretty usefull. Dont understand either why they removed the feature. It’s much better then the other rewards we now get from subscription.