[Video] 6man T3craft / Ibis-craft


Since we lack new content in this game me and some friends decided to create content for ourselfes, since we were already about to craft some weapons, we decided to do it with 6 :slight_smile:

T3-craft was very hard, I think it took us 3 nights to practice it. Keeping the tank alive was tough, and when the boss teleports last time when the pestilence phase activates, it tends to aggro onto a dps and oneshot it. Was hard to get under control. Its the soldier ingot so after 50% Redartin need to irritate the boss once and a while.

T2- Ibis craft wasnt as hard, took us a couple of tries to get a routine of the clearing in the start. The hard part was to nuke it fast enough before the boss comes alive. Then we had Ubermiley run the bowls with pom, surviving that requires some extra prot and usage of your survival-tools.