Video driver fails unless NVidia driver is optimized

Game mode:Online private ( Single-player, pretty much all)
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: Dallas
Mods?: No (are now but was happening before mods installed)
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

when you start the game once you get to the loading screen the driver fails and you get a black screen with green/red lines spatially through it. This isn’t just in the game, but any window I alt/tab into. It can only be escaped by restarting/relogging into windows
If you go into the NVidia Experinece app you may optimize your drivers to Conan Exiles, and you may play normally. Usually this would be an acceptable work around except when you go into settings and exit after making changes, or not, just exiting without making changes, it seems to reset the video driver back to not optimized, and your video goes out again, without saving the changes.

Expected Behavior:

I expected to be able to make setting changes without crashing my machine. Please look into why either the NVidia driver needs to be optimized for the game to work or why Settings messes with the video driver.

Installed Mods:

None when this first started, I installed mods after I discovered you could optimize the driver and get the game to work, but not before I tested it without mods. The mods didn’t seem to change anything with this issue

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1 Start the game. Then either from the main menu or after logging into a server/starting a home single player game go into settings.
    OR start the game without the driver optimized. You will lose video at the main menu.
  2. Step 2 Exit Settings with or without making any changes.
  3. Step 3 Restart your computer because you now have no video in any app or desktop. Opening the task manager doesn’t help. I have managed to relog into Windows without a full restart by hitting the down arrow a few times and pressing enter. You can’t see it of course but if you remember where the relog is you can get it to do it.
  4. Restart Windows, Open NVidia Experience and Optimize for Conan Exiles. You may now play the game as long as you do not enter the Setting page.

Uh. It’s not the game. The game is showing a giant red flag about your GPU and waving it in your face. Take the opportunity to troubleshoot your PC.

brand new machine with a NVidia 3070. NOTHING else messes up and I can run 4k textures in Skyrim VR with no issue. So no, I doubt its my machine.

Don’t know why I bother with these types of threads.

Been building and working on PCs for nearly 2 decades. It’s not the game. You need to be looking at your “bran new 3070”.

I won’t be replying again.

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No other similar reports received. If it only happens to you, the odds are that it is something with your GPU/Drivers.

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