[Video] Hacker with insane speed and teleporting in EU server #1306

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This hacker is moving around as fast as a rocket!!!
Please check out! Insane Fast Speed hack in Conan Exiles

I have @ the community and developers, but they haven’t responded me.This hacker has been hacking for long time but never get banned. We been fighting him for a long time too.

Is there anyway to stop this guy?

video link: https://youtu.be/dJnXlKGQbgM

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he’s named after one clan and worked for that clan, but he’s not in that clan.
If a clan is hiring a hacker, what can be done by the developer? ban the hacker or the whole clan?

get really disappointed… this video is halirious but disturbing…

It’s sad but that’s how it is.

Also expect your post to be removed soon.

we moved to this server from US server#1651, where a hacker in #1651 basically can move around undermeth while collecting stuff anyone drops on the ground…

The sad part is, you can’t capture how he cheated.

The game developers expect us (players) to capture the hackers and prove they are cheating. I thought it is developers’ responsibility.

in this situation, where a hacker can suck your stuff without showing himself, how do we provide a picture, video or any solid evidence?

need help…


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